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Dark Arps - "Biggest House in Town"

It is reasonable enough to assume that I may have some sort of bias towards an artist from Vancouver BC (my hometown), but all things aside, a great artist is a great artist. Dark Arps has been around for a number of years putting out techno, drum and bass, and even progressive house on Steamtown Records, and now he settles with East Van Digital. One of his most recent tracks, “Biggest House in Town”, taken from his upcoming EP dropping December 5th, is nothing less than spectacular. The track blends a gorgeous deep melody with influences of acid techno and the artist’s classic glitch-tech style. If this is a taste of what is to come, I will be counting the days. Either way, this EP is going to be some of his best work yet. If you're in the Vancouver area, you can catch Dark Arps in Vancouver at Incognito and V.A.L.T. this month.

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Dance · Techno


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