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Option4 – "Deep Diamonds"

As the electronic music scene has exploded many new sounds have emerged and many genres have had more reconstructive surgery than Joan Rivers. One sound that has remained consistent through time is that of deep house. Denver based artist Option4 pays homage to the past stylings with his entrancing edit of the Louie Vega original “Diamond Life,” released in 2002. Soulful melodies bind with Julie McKnight’s smoky vocals that captivate any audience member to feel happier than a sloth at a slow dance.  Earmilk sat down with Option to talk about the track and how it came to fruition and this is what he had to say, “I was real young at the time and literally thought anyone who dj'd on a CDJ or a laptop was a cheeseball. I only shopped/played vinyl, I was like an elitist prick, but i never got to play in any clubs or anything. I was like the vinyl bedroom elitist DJ. I was shopping one day and found a Deep Dish Compilation record with the song on there and I feel in love instantly. That year after I got done playing a show I tossed all my gear in the car and took a snooze. When I woke up the next day 2 of my crates melted, one of which was the record that had Diamond Life on it. I was distraught. I actually quit dj’ing for a while after that. Finally I got back in to dj'ing because Serato blew my mind. A little while back I finally found the track again and immediately did an edit. I love the track; I have listened to it countless times. It won my heart, I loved it and I hope you all do too.”

Option certainly sticks to the classics and takes us newly self-professed raver kids back to some of electronic music’s earlier roots. Take a walk down memory lane and loose yourself in this nostalgic track. If you are picking up what he's putting down check out the rest of his stuff on his soundcloud.

Dance · Deep House


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  • how do I love thee? let me count the ways <3 thanks guys!

    brennen bryarly November 14, 2013 6:08 PM Reply

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