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Run the Jewels - "Banana Clipper" (Feat. Big Boi) [Video]

Fool's Gold affiliated rappers seem to have the best of times. From Danny Brown to 100s to Killer Mike and El-P as Run the Jewels all have some of the most entertaining tracks, videos, and interviews out there on the internet right now.

This time is no different. While the two rappers are already working on a second project together, they have just released the video for their track "Banana Clipper." Keeping it simple and fun, the men go hard with Big Boi, the boys roll doughnuts through the empty lot with fancy cars. I'm no genius when it comes to automobiles, but I do know a bit about fun, and these guys are certainly having a lot of it here. There is no complicated plot or story line for these visuals, and sometimes it"s simply not necessary. Stick the artist in front of obnoxiously attractive cars, let them spit there lines while fans soak it all in. It's easy to digest and helps to keep the focus on their lines, which is helpful at their level of rap craftmanship. 

They are currently in Europe for various shows and have an upcoming album in the works. Their first self-titled release is out now for free via Fool's Gold Records. 


Run The Jewels Cover

Run the Jewels

Banana Clipper (Feat. Big Boi)

  • Fool's Gold Records/Big Dada
  • November 13, 2013
Hip-Hop · Rap · Videos


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