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Letters to Fiesta – "Tears Apart" (Ben Metsers Remix)

Just when I’m looking for the perfect track to propel me over that mid-week hump, what lands in my inbox but the newest remix from Manchester, UK outfit Letters To Fiesta track “Tears Apart”. Thank you, Ben Metsers. I don’t yet know you, but I love you already c/o your audio-editing mastery.

The song is kind of a dub-pop-drop-kick that will send your eardrums soaring. It starts soft with urgent guitar strokes, followed by reverberating sub-bass and topped off with echoing staccato lyrics. At minute one, in steps the dub and you’ll be wubwubbing (yes that’s a verb) at your desk/wherever you are.

Just under two minutes the bass bellows its full intensity with spaced syncopation under-laying the intermittent pleading vocals. The song gets a bit hazy and dreamlike for a minute, but don’t get too comfortable. At 3:36 you’ll be woken back up, the bass being pulled along like sticky taffy with high-voltage vocals slicing through demanding attention. 

The original more mild “Tears Apart” track is off the band’s Aphorism EP (released October 28), and both the song and album can be purchased here.

Dubstep · Electronic · Indie


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