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Delorean - "Destitute Time" (Slow Magic Remix)

Masked chillwave producer Slow Magic comes back with a new remix that's chiller than one could hope on this 3-day weekend. Famous for composing songs such as "Moons", this track doesn't hesitate to give the listener the same relaxing vibe as he gave out before. For this remix Slow Magic puts his own spin on Delorean's "Destitude Time", which tells a story about two young lovers. The music video is very meaningful so you should check it before listening to this song.

After listening to the original you can see that Slow Magic had a similar idea behind it, but this time he speeds up the track, giving it more of a dance feel. Particularity the intro piano is so calming and the combination of that and the lyrics puts the mind at ease. When the chorus hits the track becomes some sort of lullaby. Then the beat picks up, snares and guitars enter, this track in a way is motivational. The feeling that it gives is feel good and no matter what will happen it will be alright. Right now he's on tour in Europe, but will make it back to the states before Christmas.


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