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Times New Roman – "Passion"

Love is sour and sweet. It's been said that you never truly know what it's all about until you've had the sweet with the sour, for only then you can appreciate the sweetness for its true taste. If you've been through those rough patches that come up when dealing with the fairer sex, Detroit's very own Times New Roman is here to uplift your spirits. With a series of stripped back guitar tones and a charming, Mayer Hawthorne-esque vocal delivery, "Passion" is the track that'll have you calling up that summer romance of yours while you blissfully reminisce on the whirlwind relationship that took place during those nights that never seemed to end. If I had this track at my disposal during high school, my game would've increased ten fold.

Though those gloomy days will always arise, "Passion" is best enjoyed during with a significant other on days when the weather is amazing and the birds are bumping. Be sure to check out more of his work via SoundCloud and follow this kid before he blows up.


Hip-Hop · Soul-Hop


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