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SCB - "Rope" / "Technique" [EP]

Hotflush's head chef, Paul Rose, resurfaces his SCB alias once more before we reach the end of the year. Intended as his designated moniker for the more techno oriented tracks he likes to make, Rose puts down the light hearted diva vocals for a moment and comes through big with this bunkering two-tracker. Creating a darker than usual atmosphere, the feels in Rope / Technique are enveloped by persuasive sounds that seem almost impossible not to move to.

Stream:SCB - Rope (Original Mix)

"Rope" begins with a field-recording just shy of a minute and a half that sounds as if someone's outdoors walking against powerful winds. The transition from the recordings to the music only compliments the notion that this track could be very much influenced by his nightly surroundings in Berlin. Even with its tough percussive demeanor, Rose's mildness shines with soft synths that flow with the song. "Technique" takes us on a deeper journey  decorated with organic cymbals, a nice pair of bongo drums, and delectable chords to compliment the dancing occasion. If this gets you excited there's much more coming your way later on this year as Rose readies his full-length album, Update, that will feature plenty of old and new tracks.

Stream:SCB - Technique (Original Mix)




Rope / Technique

  • Hotflush
  • 2013-11-11




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