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Michael Christmas – "Kunishi' (Prod. Jasper Sheff)

Michael Christmas is an odd fellow; he has no qualms discussing his masturbatory habits on a track or rapping about the most ordinary fattening foods as if they were gourmet, but he can't seem to muster the strength required to throw out braggadocio rhymes, like normal emcees. His strange tendencies are what makes him such an interesting character, rappers like him are a rare breed. Based off his lyrical prowess, its clear that he is a smart dude who doesn't understand when things would be best left unsaid, which causes him to throw out some hilariously awkward lines. He has an entire song detailing why he thinks he is Michael Cera, which is an apt comparison, off putting at times, but always clever and weird. 

Christmas' unorthodox persona  bleeds into his beat selection, often creating some truly unique sounds. On his latest track, "Kinishi", Jasper Sheff samples some mysterious Japanese female vocals that seem to be taken from random J-pop songs or commercials. It has a light industrial vibe to it, thanks to the metallic percussion extensively used throughout the track. Christmas does his job and rips this beat to shreds with ease. He bares all, sometimes too much, on this track; he tells you who his favorite porn stars are and what his favorite cheap meals are, really random stuff. The fact that he can make such mundane or weird facts interesting enough to warrant replays is a testament to his  high-level wordplay and flow.

 Michael Christmas' project should be dropping early next year, hopefully January or February. If you want to hear some more of him and his release date is too far away, you should check out his soundcloud page. No matter what, he is going to stay unique, which is definitely something to keep an eye on in the future. 

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