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Young Lungs – "Make It Happen"

When rappers start their careers at an early age, they can either continue to have success and a fruitful career or they can burn out rather quickly. It's not always as easy as the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Earl Sweatshirt have made it out to be. Schooling commitments, work and generally living a teenage life all come into play when making music. 

Recently, a teenage rapper by the name of Young Lungs, from Waterloo, Ontario caught my attention when his track "Make It Happen" was featured on the blog of clothing giants Mishka. The Canadian native, who at only 15 years of age is one of the youngest rappers I've listened to, has set his stall out to make it in the music industry. "Make It Happen" is all about trying to get his music heard in the current musical climate. From trying to get attention from bloggers to picturing himself with a garage full of cars, "Make It Happen" is all about one young mans dream for what he desires in life, and the stark reality he finds himself in.

Like most rappers that are so young, there is definitely room to improve. His flow is a little sloppy at times, and the mix isn't the best, but the instrumental he's backed by contains a jazzy piano chord progression on top of a beat that's features some accentuated hi hats. I've also put another track that he's on below,  featuring some real slick production from Brain$. Be sure to peep Young Lungs Soundcloud where you can stream and download his Early Bloomer mixtape. I'm sure Young Lungs will only improve with every track that he spits on, and after all, he's just trying to make it happen.

young lungs artwork

Young Lungs

"Make It Happen"

  • 23rd October, 2013


Hip-Hop · Rap


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