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Chlöe Howl – "Paper Heart" (Arches Remix) [Premiere]

It's Friday & we know you're looking for something that'll feed your musically deprived mind. And for anyone who craves a solid build with a deep progressive house sound, the newly formed alliance Arches will have you gobbling up their productions. The group, formed in June of this year, is comprised of NY's Hercules and Love Affair and Belgium's Moonlight Matters and Sound of Stereo. While one might be concerned with how many cooks there are in the kitchen, have no fear. Arches stirs a genre pot, blending what they call "old school flavour and analogue sound with the contemporary new vibe".

This refreshing recipe is clear with their newest mix of 18-year-old UK songstress Chloe Howl's "Paper Heart". Howl, one of the strongest pop artists to come out of London in awhile, has a substantial, soulful voice that balances out her cheeky lyrics and fun, electropop accompaniments. In this case, her stout voice and loaded lyrics from "Paper Heart" compliments the skillfully mixed elemental sound from Arches. "Paper Heart" will be released December 9th via Columbia Records but you can catch the original video on YouTube and enjoy the remix via the Soundcloud link below. Enjoy your healthy serving of music meat & potatoes.

Chlöe Howl - Paper Heart

Chlöe Howl

"Paper Heart" (Arches Remix)

  • 8-11-2013
Deep House · Electro Pop · Exclusive


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