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Message to Bears – "Moonlight" [Premiere]

Jerome Alexander has enlightened listeners with his forward-minded, multi-instrumentalist take at everything from folk to electronica over the past six years, sometimes even mixing the two into one track. In dipping into a plethora of styles through his work Alexander never leaves an unexplored beat behind, utilizing the full extent of his melodies where he will not introduce an instrument or texture unless they can carry their own weight.

Under the moniker Message to Bears the Bristol native has become known for his folk inspired catalog, where the chanting of his own voice is used as just another instrument as opposed to injecting his tracks with overpowering lyrical spotlights. While this is not the only thing that differentiates Message to Bears from the majority of the other singer-songwriters out there, it is sure to make a impression on listeners who are experiencing his music for the first time.

Not straying far from the formula, Alexander readies the release of his third album with his track "Moonlight". "Moonlight" begins with delicate melodies that lead into Jerome's layered, echoing vocal cues. Soon thereafter an underlying beat is introduced with a steady bass and claps that add a sense of depth and weight to the joyful, swaying melodies. At the two minute mark the song hints at a change in mood as a climbing synth line and panning effects lead into a high-pitched, bizarre and somewhat eerie focal point to the track. In all the elements mesh into an intricate and emotional four minutes that newcomers and long time listeners alike will enjoy.

Expect more distinctly beautiful soundscapes from Jerome when his new full-length Maps drops next week. Preorder/purchase the album here.

Message to Bears


  • 11-12-2013

Experimental · Folk · Indie


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  • amazing music as always Jerome. love it and wish you all the best you deserve it. very talented

    Ross November 6, 2013 5:14 PM Reply

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