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Chill Moody – "Change Coming" (Feat. Freeway) [Video]

Some may say he's got next. If you go to the city of Brotherly Love, you'd be hard pressed not to find one of his Nice Things stickers plastered up or his face on the side of a bus. Chill Moody is more than just a brand or an advertisement though, he's an emcee who understands the game and has the skills to back it up. With one of the biggest names in his hometown behind him, Chill links with Freeway to warn you of the impending noise he is about to make with his new visuals for his song "Change Coming". The video illustrates the backpacker preaching like a politician to the people, with Free playing the role of running mate. Kwaz "Scriptz" Fraser's direction and Joe Logic's production come together and almost create an inspirational scene, laying the ground work for the road that lies ahead. If you've never been to Philly, this sure paints a great picture, and when past and future join forces, present day sure looks promising. Look for the deluxe edition of Moody's RFM LP on iTunes today.

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