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Draft - "Shiraz" (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Liam Tallon's new venture into electro house comes as no shock to his peers. His rich history in Drum and Bass, song-writing and musicianship, compliments his darker side, chalk-full of more bass-heavy remixes. Over the years, Tallon has truly come to develop a style that sits right in the middle, full of not only diversity but originality. Today we're providing you with his latest work, a huge track by the name of "Shiraz", which is a free download!

A self-proclaimed cynic of all things cheaply classified as 'EDM', Draft's ideas contribute to a sound that is truly multifaceted - festival, car, headphones, and beyond. Musically-driven with the obvious evidence of his instrumental prowess, his composition is layered amongst a progressively, and melodically impressive production style.

Having recently been signed to AEI amongst some of the industry's finest acts, a busy 2014 is lined up, including several releases and live shows around the world. The first EP is due this side of Christmas, titled 'The Phryday EP', including a gorgeously shot music video by up and coming director Eric Tosstorff. With some of the scenes finest classed not only as peers but good friends, support for the debut has been strong, and a whirlwind is set to be unleashed very, very soon. Keep an eye out for Draft in what is sure to be a breakout year. 

Check out his latest track here below. "Shiraz" is a catchy, glitchy track that is sure to take off once released. It's a feel good track that defies genres, best described as the kind of tune that is guaranteed to make you dance. Enjoy!

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