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Corduroy – "The Foxes"

There are constant reminders of the fact that music is a hustle for underground rappers who just want to be heard. It's the spirit of the game that makes it fun and worthwhile when you accomplish something, but it can also be very frustrating. New York rapper Corduroy is exceedingly persistent, tweeting and sending his music to writers with the hopes of gracing the Internet platforms that hope to break new artists. After being turned down initially by Pigeons & Planes, he wrote a 1000-word essay for them on why his latest effort, "The Foxes," deserves a spot. It's a relatable story. Anyone who makes music and is passionate about it wants it to be heard. So, we're introducing you to Corduroy as well. "The Foxes" samples TDE songstress SZA and features producer SpacedTime.

Granted, it lacks a bit of originality. At first listen, it's pretty obvious that it stylistically sounds a lot like Kanye West's dark "I'm In It," giving way to the post-Yeezus wave that has taken form. Corduroy has room to improve when it comes to finding his own style and sound, but the passion and openness to constructive criticism is there – which can only make him better.




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