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Crooked Colours – "Come Down" [PREMIERE]

Philip Slabber, Leon De Baughn, and Liam Merrett-Park are three Perth-based musicians that together form Crooked Colours. Their sophomore EP, set to be released early 2014, has kept quite secret, aside from the release of the first single: "Moontan Nocturnal". The trio caught Sydney-based RüFüS' attention with this one, who invited Crooked Colours to tour side-by-side with them on their sold out interstate Australian tour. 

"Come Down" is the second single hailing from Crooked Colours' upcoming EP, which is quick to follow up their first teaser. From the distortion and layering we saw in "Moontan Nocturnal," "Come Down" delivers raw vocals, bare electronica within darkened minimalist experiment. Beginning with a Phoria-esque intro, the single soon transitions into a darker pop territory, with additive synth and percussive elements. The vocals are constantly of emphasis, while the backdrop rises and drops, coming to a close with a climaxing wall of sound. 

The vibes radiating from the track prove eerie and emotional, juxtaposing with what we heard on "Moontan Nocturnal", leaving us to wonder what this EP could shape up to be.There's a lot of potential here, and Crooked Colours want us listeners to keep our ears wide open for what is to come.

If you find yourself in Australia in early 2014, chances are you'll find Crooked Colours on tour somewhere close to you. Look out for dates, which will be announced soon.



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