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Qtier- "Athena" [Video]

Athena happens to be the name of a really great friend of mine, so that's kind of half the reason I opened the press email today. While that's probably a bad reason to make music decisions, I'm very glad that I made this decision, because Qtier makes some of the most captivating and engaging electronic tracks I've heard to date.

Soothing like a Buddhist chant, yet thrilling as Clams Casino, the two producers that brought forth "Athena" have tapped into something truly special. Their video is simple, but that is also all that is necessary to keep it all engaging. The visuals play with lighting on the singer's face, and it's all that is necessary to bring forth a world of emotion to the already beautiful piece of art. While I hadn't known of them before today, they are definitely two guys to keep an eye out for. 



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