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Courtney Anthony - "7 Days" (Prod. Hannibal King)

I love hip hop: every iteration, every regional creation and every trend. Yes, that includes Red Neck rap. Sad boy rap? It's different and weird, but I've been known to shed a tear here or there. Miley Cyrus? Okay, so you got me. I don't like that one... sue me. 

Even though I can vibe with pretty much anything that calls itself hip hop, there is something about that traditional boom bap. My East Coast roots might be blamed, I mean I'm literally from the birthplace of this whole thing. It might be that I'm a traditionalist disguised as a progressive. Or it might have something to do with the fact that the only dance move I was able to master happened to be the head nod. Whatever the case maybe, the fact remains that nothing pulls me in more than a loud snare and fat kick trading blows, as a dusty sample methodically loops in the background. Boom bap completes me.

It seems to have fallen out of the mass public appeal, rarely heard on the radio. However, there are some keeping the art alive and well, and Courtney Anthony is one of those few emcees. Raised in Long Island, he channels the same spirit that guided 3 Feet High and Risingdope beats and even better lyrical content. He hasn't been totally safe from the influence of modern trends though, as he weaves his psychedelic tendencies into every track. Creating an unique blend of modern and classical styles. 

Stream:Courtney Anthony - 7 Days (Prod. Hannibal King)

This style is best exemplified in his track "7 Days". Hannibal King continues to surprise me with his jazzy smooth production. The saxophone that comes in at around twenty three seconds and plays during the hook will transport you back to 93, when Pete Rock  was killing the boards. Courtney does not sound intimidated by the incredible production behind him, instead he totally owns the track. Rapping with a laid back flow that somehow manages to effortlessly be transformed into a double timed cadence, is deceiving. Each bar has to be unpacked in order to properly enjoy the social and personal commentary the emcee discusses. True to the theme, the entire track feels like three fat blunts to the face as you try to talk politics with friends.

Courtney Anthony is still young and already sounds polished. The way he flows through this beat is breathtaking at points, and his pen game is impressive. I'm definitely going to be looking out for him in the future, and if you are like me, I suggest you do the same.

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