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Wilks – "Fuck The Barkin"

If you were ever A Tribe Called Quest fan than you can agree their music deserved to be  heard late night, in the right setting, with the right vibe. Well West Coast based producer Wilks takes the groups first single “1again Again”, off Beats, Rhymes and Life, one further into the underground, with a modern day, late night gem. With the perfect amount of what we like to call "ghetto house," and the right mix of West Coast deep house vibes, "Fuck The Barkin" as Wilks puts it, "is both dark and dance-worthy.” Don't forget he's also the guy that gave us that ghetto house bounce vibe with his first single "Ghetto".

This is the track for the late night music lovers that are there dance and feel the vibe until the sunrises. As a good friend usually says when the place clears out, “those are the people that can’t handle it.” This track that extra fresh kids that can. This is a fesh vibe, a fresh beat, and an extra fresh sample, that we all know and love, and the one that makes you want to move and dance with those other party goers that came here to hang. Lucky for us Wilks is giving the track away for free, as a little something to listen to as we wait for his forthcoming EP Bring Me Home off Prep School Recordings due out next week.

Fuck The Barkin


"Fuck The Barkin"

  • Prep School Recordings
Dance · Deep House · House


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