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Chelsea Lankes – "Ghost"

“Ghost” is an amorous tune, which I can imagine hearing at the last scene of a romantic comedy, but not in a cheesy way. “You got me chasing promises on the horizon they come and go all these visions come and go… love is like a ghost,” is serenaded over glossy, electronic space. The passionate lyrics of “Ghost” show the introspective side of Chelsea Lankes. She definitely wears her heart on her sleeve proudly. Fiery female vocalists singing over electronic music is something we hear quite often these days. We hear it constantly on popular radio and television shows. However, Chelsea Lankes is a tremendously talented vocalist and if she can find a way to set herself apart from the pack, I think she can become very popular amongst electro pop lovers.

Dreampop · Pop


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  • ah! thank you so much for the post!! Going to go float on a cloud now…

    Chelsea Lankes October 24, 2013 3:42 PM Reply

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