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Fossil Collective - "And If You Go (I'm Coming Along)" [Premiere]

Searching for a little something that will soothe your pains, and clear your mind? Look no further than Fossil Collective's "And If You Go (I'm Coming Along). Set to be released on October 28th with their The Water EP, "And If You Go (I'm Coming Along)" is a testament to the ability of this Leeds indie folk duo to captivate you with a relaxed tempo, soft lyrics, and gentle guitar strings. Never trying to over do themselves, Jonny Hooker and David Fendick magnificently play to these strengths through the entire 4 minutes. With the title line, "and if you go, I'm coming along", repeated continuously throughout the song, it becomes hard not to be mesmerized by these powerful sentimental words. "And If You Go (I'm Coming Along)" truly is a perfect closing track for The Water because as the song indirectly alludes to, Fossil Collective's music will stick with you for an extended period of time. Stream this pensive song, and pre-order your copy of The Water below.

Chillout · Folk · Indie


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