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DAPS- Ian Wright" [Video Premiere]

In this day and age, the technology the world has managed to accumulate into their arsenal has provided musical artists a chance to extend their craft further than just what the temporal (audial) portions of our brain can soak in. This means that in recent times, some of the most stunning songs have come paired with equally impressive videos, providing their audience with a stunning combination.

UK rapper, DAPS, has done just this for his new track, "Ian Wright." As he slowly draws the audience in with catchy lyrics set over stunning production, the song is paired with the artist going hard with his friends, a beautiful woman on top of an unknown car, shots of London, and gas masks. Basically, it's everything needed to showcase the intensity of "Ian Wright" and highlight the perfection of the song. While the US will reign as the king of rap, it's becoming increasingly clear the UK is catching up. Also check out for the Basquiat flag, added bonus for art fans everywhere. 

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Ian Wright

  • October 21, 2013
Hip-Hop · Rap


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