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D-WHY - "One Day" [Video]

A little over a month ago we featured West Virginia rapper D-WHY’s heart felt folk trap banger “One Day,” beat courtesy of the rising Oklahomie Dave Cappa. Following the track’s well-received release he has produced one of the most visually beautiful music videos I have seen to date. This poetic and compelling video takes place in desolate desserts surrounded by vibrant but weathered art. Amidst this barren land with captivating but antiquated art stands the rising artist stripped bare (not literally ladies, sorry.) The haunting melody of the beat resounds, “One day baby, we’ll be old. Think of all the stories that we could have told.” D-WHY stares entrancingly at the art as he bare his soul through his verses how he aspires to be great. Arizona filmmaker Jakob Owens nails it out of the park in this video. Few may understand the essence of good color correction but dammit does Jakob really hang the moon with this one. Kick back, light up, relax and enjoy this beautiful piece of cinematography.

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