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Glasser - Interiors [Album]

Every now and then, we stumble upon an act that is truly worth championing: Glasser is one of those acts. Lost in the shuffle of the Miley Cyrus circus that has consumed the past few months was Glasser's sophomore album, Interiors, one of the more visionary synthpop outings of the last few years. For those not familiar with Glasser in any capacity, consider this an introduction. Glasser is comprised solely of multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer Cameron Mesirow, signed to True Panther Sounds, the label that established notable acts like Girls and King Krule. The music is about as experimental as it gets, but the purity of her nearly flawless voice keeps the hodgepodge of sounds rooted in something tangible. Glasser records feel like a dream within a dream, an audible manifestation of divinity, or something of that nature. It's more or less pure serenity, and if you're looking for something to ease your mind, look no further.

Stream: Glasser - Landscape

Stream: Glasser - Dissect

Two notable moments from Glasser's new album are "Landscape" and "Dissect," and both showcase what makes her music so magical. She creates incredible soundscapes seemingly with the intention of deftly navigating them with intricately woven harmonies. "Landscape" showcases her dexterity as a producer, and it has a feel good, bouncy vibe that makes it a joy to listen to, especially when coupled with her beautiful tone. "Dissect" puts her incredible range on display over a much more subdued, but no less interesting array of sounds. The pair are just a couple of shining gems from Interiors though, which is an amazing sonic experience as a whole, and it'd be in your best interest to pick up a copy. Consider this a little preview.

Check out several of the tracks from Glasser's sophomore album Interiors below, purchase it here (and her debut album, Ring, here), and check her out on tour at these locations.

Stream: Glasser - Shape

Stream: Glasser - Forge

Stream: Glasser - Divide



"Landscape" x "Dissect"

  • True Panther Sounds
  • October 8, 2013


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