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Noizy Neighbors - Minutes / Punx [EP]

This week I was reminded of the undiscovered gold that hides in the troves of daily Beatport releases by discovering up and coming Israeli duo Noizy Neighbors. The guys Liraz Levinson and Amit Regev have released their first EP out on Line Out Recordings, entitled Minutes/Punx. Though the intentional misspelling in the duo's name might come off a little garish at first glance, their music speaks volumes with its depth and preciseness. "Minutes" is a steady, mysterious progressive track that proves as a great intro to Noizy Neighbor's basic taste. But what really got me here is the second track, "Punx," a refreshingly modern take on classic prog. It's funky, French house inspired groove brings the track into electro club territory, all while sounding new and different. 

Stream:Noizy Neighbors - Minutes (Original Mix)

Stream:Noizy Neighbors - Punx (Original Mix)

Noizy Neighbors


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