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River Tiber - "The Star Falls" [Video]

The young Torontonian Tommy Paxton-Beesley, aka River Tiber, is a multi talented musician who is determined to be the best producer he can be, and it shows. With his previous track "The City" receiving acclaim and notice throughout the web, he follows up with his latest offering "The Star Falls". The visuals that accompany the song were shot and edited by Tommy and his team, featuring a dance group moving organically with the body numbing instrumental. We see short clips of River looming in the background of different settings, be them smokey or running through the woods.

River Tiber's next EP also titled The Star Falls is going to be available November 19th, and his full length album Synapses coming shortly after that.  I'm really drawn to his ambient visuals and creative direction of his productions, so I expect the forth coming releases to be very impressive. Stream "The Star Falls" video below and take on your day with a new state of zen. 

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