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Passenger - "Let Her Go" (Kygo Remix)

As the autumnal colors begin to cascade down the large Oak trees, exploding like bright firecrackers in the night, we are reminded that summer is gone and winter is quickly approaching.  Norwegian producer Kygo is helping us to preserve those summer memories with his majestic and chilled out reworking of Passenger’s heart-wrenching single “Let Her Go.” Bouncy synths reverberate as a light percussion bed so gently caresses the pitched-down vocal samples. If you close your eyes you can practically feel the rays of sun on your face and the sand beneath your feet as the sea foam slowly rolls closer towards you. Beauty and joy abound in this reworking and it is only one of many majestic remixes by the 22-year old producer.  His remix of “Let Her Go” is a shot away from the #1 on spot on Hypem right now so if you are picking up what he’s putting down, give the tune a like over here.

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Chillwave · Experimental


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