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SelloRekt / LA Dreams - "Years in Retrospect"

The best thing about the music of SelloRekt / LA Dreams is that it’s genuine. It’s pure nostalgia. It’s neon lights and retro-futurism. When you close your eyes, you see Tron grids and MS-DOS. Regularly releasing multiple tracks within a week, there’s no question SR / LA knows what he’s doing.

“Years in Retrospect” is the latest addition to his prolific discography. The opening arpeggio sets the stage. It’s the light and sound of a modem working. The thick bass tone stabilizes the track nicely as it starts to grow, the tight kick and snare syncing the differently-timed arpeggios. The real feats are the background synth ornaments and drum fills. The heavy reverb tucks them behind the song, but they are why you’re listening. Here’s to looking back.

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Retro · Synth Pop


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