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Neonfaith – "Neonfaith" [EP]

It's pretty much impossible to predict what's next in line for any indie consumer, with styles and sounds varying similar to the pace of the clothes on our backs. I always love when something golden emerges, laying the foundation for a new trend in independent production. Indie electronic group Neonfaith, based out of Jamaica, Queens, is here to debut their first self-titled EP. Maintaining roots in hip-hop production and musical backgrounds in house music, R&B, and punk, Neonfaith merges genres to sculpt a new sound to add to the collective indie music scene. Members Lay and Fef originally hooked up to produce hip hop tracks for Queens-based music collective Audio Never Dies (A.N.D.), but both were drawn to the innovative sounds that were emerging from the ever changing genre. With the intent of carving out a unique spin on the indie game, Neonfaith was formed and Megan Faye was rightfully recruited to back the vocals. Their collaborative approach to songwriting has crafted a sound that feeds off of their diverse musical tastes and backgrounds, citing influences that range from Daft Punk to Tribe Called Quest to Patsy Cline, producing a result of something fresh but familiar. Neonfaith’s new self-titled EP is available for free download on their artist page on the A.N.D. website.



Neonfaith EP

  • Audio Never Dies
  • October 14th


Dreamwave · Hiptronica · Indie · Post-Punk


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