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Tyler, The Creator - "Tamale" [Video]

Showcasing his multidimensional nature yet again, Tyler, The Creator is back with another bizarre music video. The Odd Future creator brings vibrance to the first half, fitting for the crazy yelling of "Tamale" as he goes through pixelated images, shots of golf, and even him bouncing up and down (in a trampoline-like) manner, on a woman's behind. The list is literally endless with memorable moments of Tyler doing god-knows-what. 

However, this alone would have been crazy Tyler up to his usual antics and nothing too special, an added bonus to the catchiness of "Tamale." What really impresses me is when the song fades, and in comes "Answer" with the colors, vibrancy, all of the craziness stripped down. The lyrics always drove home and touched into the raw pain of Tyler beyond his usual demeanor, and it breaks down some of the walls he's taken such careful means to build up. With the added visuals, it's impossible to not see these same emotions in his eyes as he sits on a couch in front of the camera with special cameos by his manager, Lucas, and Pharrell. It's much like the video for "IFHY," but flipped, and it is nice to see these as extensions of the stories he tells in Wolf

Tyler, The Creator will be having a special show in LA at the esteemed Low End Theory in Los Angeles this Wednesday to prep for his Carnival in November. Tickets for the 2nd Annual Camp Flog Gnaw are on sale now



Tyler, The Creator


  • Odd Future
  • October 7, 2013
Hip-Hop · Rap


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