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Shklovsky & Pale Blue Dot – "Sunset Eyes" (Feat. Line)

Retro electro has a way of touching on our cultural nostalgia. Even if you weren’t around during the '80s, you'd think you know what they were like. The colors were bright, fashion was inflated, and futurism was reaching new heights.

Shklovsky & Pale Blue Dot's “Sunset Eyes” is all streetlights and wet asphalt.  The bright arpeggios, reverbed drums, and chugging bass conjure memories of highways at night. Siren synths slide in and out of the tracks. Female vocals romance the neon buzz. The reverb and delay give big tails to even bigger sounds. The cover is the perfect match for the sound, a sun setting on a futuristic grid, the perfect blend between artificial and natural.

Sunset Eyes

Shklovsky & Pale Blue Dot

"Sunset Eyes" (Feat. Line)

  • 10/6/2013


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