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Nick Nikon - "Mr. Nice Guy/Vengence" [Video]

Toronto native Nick Nikon released an extended video; lets call it a short film for his latest tracks "Mr. Nice Guy/ Vengeance". This is his first solo offering and he really out did himself with the visuals. The video was directed by Zac Facts. "Mr. Nice Guy" has Nick reminiscing on a previous relationship where he was played by an ex girlfriend. The mellow vocals surf atop electronic/dubstup instrumental. The blend is quite impressive because I find most dubstep/RnB combinations horrid, due to either the dubstep being too intense or not meshing with the vocals but this executed superbly.

"Vengeance" continues the dubstep RnB combination this time with a slightly more upbeat bass line. Like I previously said blending these two worlds is tried countlessly but is hardly ever executed properly. Stream the short film below and I suggest that you watch it all the way through.



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