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Spazzkid – "Better Off Alone" (Alice Deejay Cover) [Premiere]

While many may not remember it now, there once was a time when a lot of the electronic music that people could actively recognize happened to be a bit cheesier than the stuff most people will remember today. Take the elementary school favorite, "Better Off Alone" by Alice DJ. Easily digestable, uncontroversial, and lets be honest, while the nostalgia of the track is definitely there, it's not exactly something I'd ever expect any of my favorite producers to be creating in this modern age. 

Luckily, there happens to be a bit of a middle ground for us nineties kids, thanks to LA based producer Spazzkid. Taking the same happy quality of "Better Off Alone" but trashing all of the unnecessary extra noise, Spazzkid has simplified the track, slowed it down, and added a dream-like quality to his cover of the song. Overall, the track helps bring back great memories without having to bring back the euro-trance trend. 

This song is a free download on his Soundcloud, and he also has a pay-what-you'd-like album, Desire, on Bandcamp




Better Off Alone (Alice DJ Cover)

  • October 2, 2013

Chillstep · Electronic


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