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Love Mansuy - "San Lucas" [Premiere]

There's something bittersweet about a person leaving their home to pursue their dreams. On one hand, you leave behind the organic relationships and connections that you've established with your current state of comfort. On the other hand, in crossing this imaginary threshold, you put all of that on the line in order to obtain something better. Be it a new opportunity or a much needed change of pace, Montreal artist Love Mansuy lies is somewhere in the middle.

Cue "San Lucas", the story of an unnamed  female who always seems to be on the move--be it Los Angeles, The City of Love, or Cabo (which if you've been to the Mexican city, you'd know the amount of debauchery that ensues on a seemingly regular basis) Mansuy strives to find herself in a world where people are too complacent with their given situations.

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The track's greatest strength lies in its instrumental (you experimental rock and hip hop kids may recognize it from"Montanita", the opening track from New York duo Ratatat's third album, Classics); Mansuy's particular vocal stylings really emulate the heartbreak of being on the sidelines as a friend and/or the feeling of a lover leaving you behind. Be sure to check out the track and some of Mansuy's previous work on his Soundcloud page. 



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