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#Mashup Monday - Week 100

These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO!

Well ladies and gentlemen, we've made it to the century mark -- the big 1-0-0. I can't help but feel a sense of pride, awe, and incredulity while preparing this monumental edition. Having started way back on October 9th, 2009 (and gone through a couple hiatuses), Mashup Monday has gone through thousands of submissions, posted an insane amount of songs, and reached the ears of even more. And while I haven't been a part of this segment for its entirety, Mashup Monday has a special "place" in my heart -- as its been the cause of many a late night searching sessions, countless private jam-out sessions in the comfort of my own house, and yes, frustrating pull-out-my-hair moments as samples clashed together like oil and water...only to be salvaged by that wondrous concoction that many posted artists created. So I thank each and every one of y'all (artists and listeners alike) for your continued dedication to Mashup Monday and to EARMILK. Keep the songs coming, and we'll continue to rack up even more amazing posts for your pleasure.

To commemorate Mashup Monday #100, I'm happy to leak a single from The Melker Project's upcoming The Skeetles, a project similar to his previous Skeetwood Macbut instead of having Fleetwood Mac as the main sample source, Scott Melker shifts his attention to the classic group, The Beatles. From this first cut, we hear a good bit of Biggie (and seriously, when is that ever a bad thing?) as he carries the track vocally. Accompanied by a funky, but amazing, sample of Gramatik, "Don't Let Me Down, Biggie" is exactly what I'd expect from Scott -- part hip-hop, part throwback, capable of having you grooving, and all types of amazing. Be ready for The Skeetles to drop in its entirety this coming Wednesday here on EARMILK.

Keeping in line with a recent trend of posting videos, I want to highlight Throttle's "What's That Sound", which is similar to Madeon's viral hit "Pop Culture". Utilizing a Launchpad from Novation, Throttle takes us through an insane amount of samples ranging from Deadmau5Krewella, Skrillex, Michael Jackson, The Knocks, and many more. The transitions are near flawless, the energy is never-stopping, and once again Throttle delivers something truly impressive. Peep the performance below, and grab your copy of "What's That Sound" after the video.

Download: Throttle - What's That Sound

For whatever reason, I traveled back in time and ended up pulling mashups that are a couple years old, such as this untitled track from DJ Tip-Z. Featuring the likes of Ratatat and Tupac, Tip-Z reminds me why I love Ratatat's "Beat #1", and hearing "I'm Getting Money" from Mr. Shakur over the top is quite a nostalgic feeling. This is one of those tracks that you bump, and you (shamelessly) bump loud. Following Tip-Z, we've got Flipboitamidles (seriously, what does this name even mean?!) and his combination of CHVRCHES and Empire of the Sun. Seeing as I've been on a CHVRCHES kick as of late, "You're Lucky To Be Alive" is a light, and at the same time, infectious mashup that will have you moving from the get-go. I could certainly go for more mashups with CHVRCHES, so if you have any worth checking out, make sure to drop them below in the comments or hit me up via email.

Download: DJ Tip-Z - Ratatat x Tupac Mashup

Download: Flipboitamidles - You're Lucky to be Alive (CHVRCHES x Empire of the Sun)

Finally, we come to a duo that we've been posting from the very beginning, The Hood Internet. This Chicago duo has rightfully seen their fanbase increase a hundred-fold since we came first came across them, and "When Poison Starts To Burn" shows us why they're a force to be reckoned with. Melding Disclosure to Bell Biv Devoe, The Hood Internet delivers something that many artists would love to attribute their names to. These guys fearlessly combine samples that would seem to have nothing in common, and more importantly they do it well. Catch many other mashups below, ranging from the likes of Sam Flanagan, Phil RetroSpector, DJ Poly, RRodd, among others, and comment below with your favorite tracks and suggestions to songs that I may have missed. Until next week, happy Monday and happy listening!

Download: The Hood Internet - When Poison Starts To Burn (Bell Biv Devoe x Disclosure)

Download: The Reborn Identity - Halcyon Horses (Delphic x Ellie Goulding)

Download: G3RSt - Dinosaur In The Sun (Was Not Was x Smokey Bandits)

Download:Phil RetroSpector - Warwick Ghetto (Elvis x Duffy)

Download: Sam Flanagan - A Punk Paper Planes (MIA x The Vampire Weekend)

Download: Lloyd - Chasing Ben (Snow Patrol x David May ft. Kelvin Scott x Puff Daddy)

Download: loveBenzin - White America Feels Good (Eminem x Gorillaz)

Download: DJ Poly - Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven (The White Stripes x Eurythmics)

Download: The Reborn Identity - I'm Yours For A While (Alison Krauss & Union Station x Jason Mraz)

Download: FAROFF - Mash Together (The Beatles x Joan Jett x Cypress Hill x House of Pain x Rage Against The Machine)

Download: Kill mR DJ - Wrecking Fighters (Miley Cyrus x Foo Fighters)

Download: RRodd - Beyond Regulation (Daft Punk x Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg)

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