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Darling - "Echoes"

Dublin indie-rock duo Darling is releasing their debut EP on October 25, and we have the first track "Echoes" available for your listening pleasure. Gary Harding and James McGuire came together after their previous band fell apart, and like a couple that gives it another go – you can hear in this impassioned track that this time around they're bound and determined to make it work.

There's a sense of needing to prevail. The vocals are despondent, decipherable and drive the song forward. Accompanied by an aggressive percussion and incensed electric guitar, the result is a well-crafted conquest of a piece. Minute 2:20 seems like a reprieve, but the lyrics are still dramatic and dueling, "I never understood, my feelings stayed the same / you stuck me in the neck, and said that things had changed."

With its powerful guitar rifts and charging vocals, "Echoes" is reminiscent of a track by The Police or The Killers – a smooth but screaming sensation of a song that warrants our full attention.

Indie · Pop · Rock


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