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JIIK - "Brand New F U" (Feat. Ayo Beatz & Sir Apol) [Video Premiere]

Coming off the recent LL Cool J EP, grime star JIIK has released the latest visual for his second single "Brand New F U." As he explained to me in a previous interview, "That's more of the same coming off the "Fresh" vibe. This is the new vibe. Get with it. Again, just people celebrating who they are." I have to agree with him. "Brand New F U" is a perfect followup to "Fresh" in both subject matter and aesthetic. While "Fresh" had this cool vibe, "Brand New F U" is its confident older brother. He raps, "Penthouse views, I'm a level up/Broker a deal and then I settle up/No fives on it, more 0's, seven up." To complement JIIK's lyricism, frequent collaborator Ayo Beatz handles the production over 808s, high-hats, and smooth guitar, in addition to contributing an equally boastful verse.

The video opens with JIIK finding himself in an urban housing complex as dialogue from an LL Cool J interview plays. It then transitions to a montage  from both LL's and J's life. As the video continues, shots of cityscapes are interrupted by footage of riots. Overall, it's a smart video that helps underscore the suave braggadocio of the English emcee. 

Buy the LL Cool J EP here.

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