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Black Tiger Sex Machine - "Moonlight" [Video]

Black Tiger Sex Machine first came to my attention last year through another Canadian artist, the electro progressive house miester Charlie Darker, who reworked their track “Rhythm Mode” into a whirling ride in revolving repetition.  But the trio, comprised of Patrick Barry, Julien Maranda, and Marc-André Chagnon, has a much longer history than this, having begun their friendship at the young age of 12. From there, the bond grew even stronger in adulthood, where the guys took their passion for dark electro and transformed it into Kannibalen Records, once a simple party house that has now become a tightly knit group of artists and a bourgeoning electronic label.

Earlier this week they released the track “Moonlight”, following it up yesterday with the official music video. In it you'll find tributes to two major pieces of art: an interlude of Beethoven's iconic piano solo "Moonlight Sonata" layered over a reimagining of Stanley Kubrick's twisted portrayal of A Clockwork Orange. Marc-Andre tells EARMILK,

Julien, one of the group members and the director of the track, is a cult movie fanatic and always had this idea of creating at least the first scene of the music video. Then came along the idea to pay a full tribute to the movie and adapt it to Black Tiger Sex Machine and the story we give to each of our releases.

Enjoy the unabashedly hedonistic adventures of three black-and-white clad, bowler wearing women, as they wreak havoc on anyone who gets in their way and right click on 'purchase' below to get the track for a like.

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Black Tiger Sex Machine

"Moonlight" [Video]

  • Kannibalen Records
  • 2013-09-26
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