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Black Milk - "Dismal"

The build up to Black Milk's forthcoming album, No Poison, No Paradise, has been immense from the debut single, "Perfected on a Puritan", to the naming of the list of collaborators including Dwele and The Roots. And now "Dismal" gives us a sense that the album will take us to new and different places in the world of Black Milk whose production and lyrics lead us into a parallel universe much like GZA's Liquid Swords

Black Milk's latest outing, "Perfected on a Puritan", was a mixture of orchestral melodies and acid jazz but this latest release uses various eerie sounds and a reverberating 'tooting' to create something that reminds us somewhat of Spaceghostpurrp. This song sounds somewhat us though it might have been a remix as is the contrast between the production and the lyrics. This mellow, downbeat number may be distinctly different to the debut single but is no less effective and leads us into a contemplation about what will be next on Black Milk's agenda. No Poison, No Paradise is no doubt going to be one of the finest and most unique albums of this year.

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