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Arts the Beatdoctor - Lazy Thunder [EP]

Arts the Beatdoctor premiered one of his tracks on EARMILK last week off of his beautifully experimental Lazy Thunder EP. While the world was blessed with the dissonant sounds of "Ghost in the Machine," we are now even luckier as the EP was released yesterday by Low Riders Recordings

There are six songs total, which includes four works by the Beatdoctor, and two remixes. Beginning with "IL404" and its 8-bit arpeggios, the EP is a dark yet touching journey that walks the fine line between electronic and hip hop through "Moebius Travels" and continues through with the offbeat drums and choppy bassline in "Ghost in the Machine." The remixes by Flako and Sam a La Bamalot bring on lighter takes to the emotional originals. 

Lazy Thunder is so appropriately named, with its contorted noises and overall deep presence. However, there is nothing scary about the tracks and there is something very calming about it all; the EP is not lazy by any means, but playing this out loud could definitely lead to a few moments of being lost in thought. 

This EP was released September 24th, and both a vinyl and physical copy is available on Bandcamp

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Arts the Beatdoctor

Lazy Thunder

  • Lowriders Recordings
  • September 24, 2013
Bass · Dance · Electronic


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