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PurpleDiscoMachine - Move Or Not [EP]

Funk devotees Madison and Stereofunk make up the Dresden-based project known as PurpleDiscoMachine. Formed in 2009, the duo has since stayed true to the deeper '80s jazzy sound that inspired their initial founding. Responsible for one of summer’s hottest festival jams, “My House”, the duo top things off with a new EP, titled Move Or Not. Released for a second time under the Off Recordings imprint, they boost the vibe by showing us how a modern rework of classic feel-good jams still enlivens dancefloors.

Stream:Purple Disco Machine - Move Or Not

With “Move or Not”, PDM touches up on a series of throwback samples that many music junkies will recognize. One of the more notable examples includes Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”'s savory bassline that gets played and slightly altered. Steady and lax, there’s no reason to dislike the funk in this one. “Steet Life” continues the fresh vibe and hits a disco peak-time groove fixed to keep our heads bobbing throughout. Candied keyboard melodies and a jumpy bass keep the flow going until the very end. If you haven’t found a reason to put on your dancing shoes this week, Move Or Not should cure that.

Stream:Purple Disco Machine - Steet Life

Dance · Disco · House


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