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Marian Hill - "Lovit"

The duo Marian Hill are two up-and-comers from the Philly area that have found a cross-section of excellence. Somewhere in between electro & R&B the duo find their sweet spot. Their latest track “Lovit” is the perfect tune for you to sit back and relax, while you slowly sip on a nice glass of Johnny Walker Black. Just like the smoky kick that grabs your attention at first sip, Samantha Gongol intoxicates you with her smooth and seductive vocals, while Jeremy Lloyd creates a canopy of pure elegance that enriches the senses. While the pair may only have two tracks online we are certainly looking forward to what the future has in store. So take a sip of Marian Hill and indulge in their jazzy vibes. 

Blues · Electronic · Hip-Hop · R&B


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