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Shed - The Dirt / Fluid 67 [EP]

Between the varied aliases German producer Rene Pawlowitz carefully chooses to represent his records—from Head High, to The Traveller, and even the short lived The Panamax Project (only naming a few here)—none ever see as much shelf-life as his distinguished Shed moniker does. Centered as the main face for his rather more intricate techno tendencies, his latest release under the 50Weapons imprint, The Dirt/ Fluid 67, catches the producer dancing around with his illustrious guise in a direction that mixes together styles of his own monikers that run on a wider warehouse-influenced disposition.

Stream: Shed - The Dirt

Serving a well-poised dose of upright techno, “The Dirt” clasps to a repetitive chord that remains steady as the pouring beats hit-and-go in a constantly evolving pace. A pair of unfastened hi-hats, sparingly weathered over some riding hats, provide a collage of instrumental creativity we normally get from Shed. In the track’s height, we see all elements unite effectively only to create a beefy loop-worthy grid sure to give your ears a kick.

Stream: Shed - Fluid 67

In “Fluid 67”, Pawlowitz’s approach deviates considerably. Focusing the essence on a vintage 90’s house sound that constructs a wondrous techno outburst in a signature Shed process. The old-skool meets modern face-off works well in unison. The hearty bass kicks build a palpitating momentum that accelerates into a flashback segment many dated warehouse sticklers will surely appreciate. More importantly, it’s the core of “Fluid 67” that demonstrates a new endeavor to Rene Pawlowitz’s Shed façade. One that he’s been gradually tuning in recent times, and it’s a treat for sure.



The Dirt / Fluid 67 [EP]

  • 50Weapons
  • 2013-09-13
Dance · Electronic · House · Techno


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