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Daft Punk - "Lose Yourself To Dance" [Video]

Daft Punk’s video for “Lose Yourself to Dance” is an intergalactic disco experience. Along with vocals from the influential Pharrell Williams and guitar riffs from the legendary Nile Rogers, the robots keep the party grooving on the bass and drums. “Lose Yourself To Dance” could be the funkiest of the cosmic pop tracks produced by the French dyad on their latest album Random Access Memory. Though autumn is on the horizon, “Lose Yourself To Dance” keeps the summer vibes flowing. 

The video also includes a crowd of dancers dressed in 70’s garb boogieing down to the music, which conjures up thoughts of the storied Soul Train television show. The only thing missing is an appearance from the late, great Don Cornelius himself. The videogenic "Lose Yourself To Dance" is quite the visual spectacle. Catch a glimpse for yourself below.

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