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Sick Individuals & Axwell - "I Am" (Feat. Taylr Renee)

Another Monday, another release telling us that Axtone is going to be an even more major player in the dance music arena with its leader Axwell out on his own. Today it’s with “I AM,” a collaboration between the Swedish producer and Dutch duo Sick Individuals. Featuring some unforgettably euphoric vocals from Taylr Renee, the track is a showstopper; one where when I personally heard it for the first time live got stopped in my tracks to attentively listen and soak it in. Axwell has become a sort of “finisher” of songs recently, and was brought on here to add the final finishing touches to “I AM.” The result is pleasing to the ears and the heart strings, one that is uniquely Axtone in its sound.

Stream:Axwell, Sick Individuals, Taylr Renee - I AM (Original Mix)

I Am

Sick Individuals & Axwell

  • Axtone
  • AXT039


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