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Jay Z - "Tom Ford" (Modus Remix)

The techno/tech house driven Modus has presented another banger, and this time it comes in the form of a remix of Jay Z's "Tom Ford." While the original felt a bit too forcedly electronic to truly compliment the Brooklyn rapper, Modus takes both Jay-Z and the production a step back, adding a simplicity that was missed in the original. 

While Jay Z may not be popping molly's, his song definitely fit the occasion for some that do, and Modus was able to scale it back so that the Tom Ford name drop more accurately fit the high-fashion, edgy man both the rapper and fashion designer evoke in their current day personas. Sharp and streamlined, Modus has brought forth clarity to the track.

The Modus remix is a free download on his Facebook page.  

Download: JAY Z - Tom Ford (Modus Remix)

Dance · Tech House


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