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DECiBEL - "WOT!" [Video]

The now defunct Bratz Dolls, retired wrestlers, and Transformers toys all come to life in DECiBEL's video for their track "WOT!" To be entirely honest, it's not exactly clear whether the rigid toys of our youth are trying to fight each other or dance, but the stop-motion action of the dolls, combined with trap music that repeatedly yells out "yeah," all culminates into a great three-minute video.

The trap song never gets so intense that the volume has to be lowered, but still holds enough energy to keep the toys dancing to ultimate hilarity. Overall, it's a fun video combined with a fun track, and considering it's a workday, everyone could probably use a little pick-me-up.

This track will be released on September 15, along with five remixes.  


Electronic · Trap


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