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Daniel Avery - "All I Need"

October 7th marks the release of Daniel Avery's first full length album, Drone Logic, off of Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label. Avery's been working in the dance scene as a DJ for nearly ten years, and this is only his second album release due to the fact that he has always thought of himself as more of a DJ than a producer. Clearly, that line is becoming less distinguished.

The first track we get to hear off the album is "All I Need", and this London-based producer will take you on a journey as the song progresses fluidly through its different stages. The synth beats and drum kicks rock you into a hypnosis that will definitely keep you moving on the dance floor. The track offers some ominous vocal inserts and bass hits to pull you out of your trance just when you were really sinking in.

Avery said he likes to give himself up to the music when he goes out, and that was the idea behind this album. His ten years of experience managing the dance floor at Fabric as a DJ translated nicely to his work as a producer. This first glance at the album shows that Avery definitely knows how to move the room.

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