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Guilty Simpson & Small Professor - "On the Run"

Detroit has become a concrete jungle full of swindlers and raconteurs and Guilty Simpson understands that survival above everything else is the mindset one needs in order to live for another day. "On the Run", the latest track from his collaborative project with Philadelphia beat maker Small Professor, paints that very picture; the duo does a good job at placing the listener amidst the chaos that is occurring within Motor City; the use of some grimy instrumentals that are a perfect match with Guilty's fearsome cadence and DJ Revolution's visceral cuts (seriously; just got a paper cut while listening to this track's ending) allow for the track to be the backdrop for those busy days when you've got a ton of work to take care of. When you need some tunes to keep you dedicated to your craft look no further than this one. But what are the duo running away from? I guess we'll find out soon enough   on September 24th via Coalmine Records.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/107374489"]


Guilty Simpson & Small Professor

"On the Run"

  • Coalmine Records
  • September 24th


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