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Clu - Live Generated Visual Audio Mix [VIDEO]

Normally when artists and DJ's decide to preview a few unreleased tracks they do so with a stream of the audio only, but that isn't the case in this situation. The duo from Dublin decided that they would present six mixes standing in front of a screen with some visual assistance. People typically talk about how Clu manages to go above and beyond when complimenting their tracks in a way only a few have mastered, and this video stays true to that. If you happen to follow them in the Social Media world then you will know that there is no slowing down when it comes to their work ethic. The best part about that is, their main goal is to please their massive following, and these days that is like a breath of fresh air in an industry that sees new talent coming out of the woodworks everyday. So take a moment to check out this one, and make sure you keep up with Clu, because when it comes to their music you never have to worry about being disappointed.

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