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YC the Cynic - "The Heaviest Cross" [Official Music Video]

YC starts his visual for "The Heaviest Cross" with a pretty heavy line; "I put out a song today, it got both love and hate. I only put my heart into it, my pulse got made in the drum and bass." It kind of makes you sit back and think about how much time and energy goes into some of these artist's songs that we listen to, and how we take them for granted and dismiss them without a single thought. He then goes on to lace bars about his steady work ethic and how his heart is all in when it comes to the music. He speaks on his Mom's struggles and triumphs, and also touches on his fateful choice to drop out of school to pursue a career in the game. The 22-year-old New York native might be young, but his rhyme is well beyond his years. This video is just one of the many reasons why this kid is one to watch for the future.

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